"Hello Ajith and Sangeetha Your photo is really beautiful and I wish I could have been there to see it in person, I bet it was quite an extravaganza!!"

- John Colang-Albuquerque, New Mexico


An exclusive WEBSITE "for your wedding only" !!!

Here's a way to make your wedding more special - Showcasing your wedding photographs and video clippings in an exclusive website that you can call your own! Complete with a personalized Visitors' Guestbook, the salient features of having your own unique "wedding dotcom" includes :

- A Welcome Page - Online invitation page
- Details of the Wedding Hall
- Photo Gallery with the choicest of photos covering the entire function
- Video Clippings covering significant events
- A distinctive Guest Book facility, where your well wishers can sign-in their wishes
- An easy-to-remember name for the website : www.vrjustmarried.com/YOUR_NAME

And what's more, Complete full-fledged accessibility for a full 6 months!

And all you have to do is send us your photos and video, and then sit back and relax - everything will be taken care of by us.

Sounds Interesting? Do visit our SAMPLE SITE and get the feel of what is in store for you.

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