"was an excellent idea to use the web to share the joy of your 'the moment in life' with friends. awesome stuff!"

- R.Nagaraj - Mumbai, India


Helping you celebrate the joy of sharing your life's most precious, unforgettable moments... Nothing can match a LIVE experience !!!

Webcast your wedding LIVE (Yes... similar to a live cricket match !!) on the internet and reach out to your friends & relatives anywhere across the globe. Welcome their virtual presence and receive their wishes online. This unique service is a boon to those who could not attend your wedding for some reason or other.

We believe that the true feel lies not just in coverage of the main ceremonies, but also in all the various smallest details like the teasing look in your brother-in-law's eyes as you hold your bride/groom's hand. In all, not just giving you a piece of 'documentation', but a real-life, unforgettable experience that has to be experienced and enjoyed by your loved ones. Only thing they will be missing is the wedding food.


"We enjoyed every frame, Navin you could have shown your teeth a bit. Its okay. We missed the food. We are eagerly waiting to see you folks. Thanks. Your Pittsburgh friends"

"Dear Naveen and Madhuri, Wish you the very best. It's really cool to be able to watch you getting married live. Fedex us some kalyana sapaad!"

                        - Vinod, Sujala, Varun and Nicky Vinod Kettay - Detroit, U.S.A

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