"a very nice way of sharing your celebration with folks like me who can't be there physically "

- Ameer, Edison, NJ, USA


As you take your partner's hand into yours and take the first step to a journey that lasts a lifetime the whole world bears witness. But as it sometimes happen, there is an uncle who is stuck somewhere in the country or a friend across the seas, who could not be present physically as you begin a new life...

VRJustMarried.com is an exclusive website for webcasting weddings live on the Internet. We take your wedding proceedings LIVE to the desktops of your friends and relatives who are unable to attend your wedding ceremony.

Webcast your wedding LIVE on the internet and welcome the gracious presence of your friends & relatives on the occasion of your lifetime.

Experience the world of live webcasts...

"Thank you for bringing this out. Felt as if I was there"
                                                          - Nethra Sambamoorthi - Englishtown, USA

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